Omicron Variant: It's More Important Than Ever to Get the COVID-19 Vax

Covid has taken the world by storm with continuous waves over the past couple of years. The past three waves of the virus have affected people’s lives in an unimaginable way leading to severe infections, health conditions, and deaths as well. This danger that the virus poses has motivated people to get vaccinated as soon as they can.

The latest variant of the virus, Omicron, has been spreading over masses of the population in the same way. Although the virus has not shown any life-threatening symptoms to date, it is a possibility that it can turn dangerous over time. Before discussing this further, let us understand all about the Omicron variant of Covid in detail.

Covid-19 Omicron Variant

What do we Know About Omicron?

This variant of Covid 19 came into the limelight at the end of November of the year 2020. The number of cases of this variant has been increasing regularly across the various parts of the country. Here are some things that we know about Omicron that need to be considered:

The spread of the variant is much faster and easier than other variants.

Experts and scientists worldwide have stated that the transmissibility of the variant is a concern because of its speed and ease of spread. In less than three weeks, many people have been affected with Covid 19 because of this variant of the virus. On the other hand, the Delta variant of the same virus took around three months to cover that number. 

However, the omicron variant is not as dangerous or threatening as the dealt one, but it should still be considered a serious disease.

The available antibodies are less effective against the Omicron variant.

The earlier two variants of the covid 19 virus were treated with monoclonal antibodies. They showed effective treatment, and that is how some of the patients amongst the severely affected ones were saved. However, the Omicron variant of the virus has a better battling capacity against the monoclonal antibodies, and that is why patients affected with this variant are at a higher risk.

That said, the Omicron variant poses a threat to the life of the people, even if they have been diagnosed and treated for the other two variants, because this variant is immune to the treatment provided earlier.

That is why it is important to get vaccinated now more than ever. If you have not yet gotten vaccinated, here are the reasons that you should do it now!

Why is Vaccination Important to Deal with Covid 19 and its Other Variants?

Vaccination Important to Deal with Covid 19
The unvaccinated are at a greater risk than the others.

No matter which variant of covid you have been infected with, vaccination is still necessary. It plays an important role in strengthening your defence system against the effects of the variant and the infections that come with it. To fight the symptoms of the disease, vaccination plays a huge role. According to the latest data collected, the first death that occurred due to Omicron was of a person in their 50s, who was unvaccinated. 

Vaccinations are one of the most important and best ways to ensure that you are safe from the virus and do not land in a life-threatening situation due to its symptoms. The immunity offered by the vaccination is much stronger than the natural immunity a person has. No doubt, even after vaccination, the virus can strike you again, but you will have more chances to incur the virus again if you are unvaccinated than the vaccinated population.

Get Your Boosters on Time to Stay Safe from Covid 19

With the data that has been rolling, people have come to know that the booster helps in enhancing the immunity to make sure that you do not fall seriously sick even if you are infected again. Also, a study has concluded that a booster of the vaccination provides you 75% more protection against the effects of the virus on your body. 

Also, according to world-renowned virologist and Columbia University professor Dr. David Ho, you get 85% more protection against severe symptoms leading to hospitalization due to the virus.

In simple words, even if you test positive for the virus, there is still a possibility that you will not end up in the hospital and that the virus will not be strong enough to cause death if you are vaccinated and have gotten a booster as well. The acquisition of the infection is not what is the problem, and it is the symptoms that cause the main problem.

The Bottom Line

The omicron variant of the virus is much more contagious than the previous variants. It is also proven to be much more resistant towards the treatments provided to the people who have been infected by the variant. If you have been vaccinated and have gotten a booster, the possibilities are more in your favour. You will not end up in a hospital bed even if you get infected and get out OK from the disease.

On the other hand, people who have not been vaccinated have a great risk of death and serious sickness over their head with the widespread of the infection and its variants, especially the Omicron.

Omicron boosters show an immense increase in the antibody levels of the virus against the omicron variant. This is extremely important for people with other health conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. If you are a person suffering from a condition like diabetes, you need to take care of your health so that the virus infection does not lead to severe outcomes.

Omicron Booster

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Mrs.Sripriya Ravi, M.Sc, Senior Dietitian
Mrs. Indumathi, B.Sc., Post Graduation, Dietitian